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How healthy is cashew milk?

Grocery shop shelves are packed full of all sorts of milk. In a situation where non dairy milk is considered, cashew milk stands out like the North Star.

Unlike other nuts milk, this milk is creamier, and sweet with less “nutty” taste than other nuts milk. Cashew milk is rich in minerals like: zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, magnesium and copper. It gives an alternative to those who want to add a touch of richness to tasty dishes and who want to have option to dairy milk.

Cashew farms in Ghana produce quality cashew seeds that are used in Europe and North America to make cashew nuts and creamy cashew milk that are endowed with macronutrients, Vitamins, no cholesterol and sugar free ( no fructose and lactose sugar).

Cashew benefits are numerous, is recommended as substitute for dairy milk for Vegans and Vegetarians. A look at cashew milk benefits are below can change your mind when you are considering non dairy milk, that won’t risk your blood sugar level, make you gain weight, but presents loads of nutritional benefits without side effects.

Below are some Cashew milk benefits:

No Sugar           

Cashew milk as no naturally occurring sugar, so you don’t need to worry about your blood sugar or weight gain. It’s no sugar content does not compromise lovely creamy taste for both Vegans and Vegetarians who want alternative to dairy milk.

Rich in Vitamin E    

A cup of cashew milk contains 50% of your vitamin E requirements, which protects against sun damage and is good for the skin.

Low in Calorie

A cup of cashew milk has 25 calories, so in a situation where protein boost is not required, 1g of protein in a cup of cashew milk is enough for the day. You can get more protein from other foods taken during the day.

Good Taste        

Creamy and rich with less nutty taste than almond milk. No need to worry, it as no fructose or lactose sugar, so enjoy the creamy taste without fear of getting your blood sugar pike

Rich in Vitamin E, high in macronutrients, with creamy and sweet taste with fear of shooting your blood sugar up. This milk is rich in values that cannot be easily ignore. An option to dairy milk, good addition for Vegans and vegetarians alike, no better way to welcome you to the world of cashew milk.

Cashew Milk: Low Calorie, Good Taste, No Sugar

Get Nutritional Benefits without side-effects


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