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Cashew Nut as super nuts for health:

Nuts are becoming popular with their medicinal values well appreciated now more than ever before. Among all nuts known, cashew nut are by far super nuts, not just with better taste or the tendency to get digested easy, also its high nutritional values.

Rich in minerals, endowed with various vitamins, with monounsaturated fat that is heart friendly, is difficult to ignore this wonder nature blessed us with.

Cashew Production : Best Cashew Nut

Cashew tree is an amazing evergreen plant that bears botanical name of Anacardium occidentale. It can grow as high as 16 feet, but short ones of about 6 feet are more productive; earlier maturity with better yield.

Originally native to Brazil, but now famous in, Nigeria, India, and Vietnam as major producing countries.

Cashew production is a profitable venture in tropical parts of the world, grown majorly for its seeds,  but its apple can be processed to get cashew juice, though not popular in the United States, is good income earner in countries that produces it.

Cashew Nuts : The Super Nuts

Crunchy, yet sweet, cashew nut are more than mere taste, is vitality to human body. Cashew nuts health benefits are so over whelming that you can’t ignore giving it a trial.

1.Monounsaturated fats for the heart

Cashew nut are rich in dietary fats, which are essential for the body to absorb fat soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K and produce fatty acid as well is important in blood clotting and development of brain.

2.Healthy Muscle and Nerves

Being a rich source of magnesium which is a vital component in development of bones, muscle, tissues and organs. Magnesium maintains good blood pressure and improves the immune system, keep the bone strong and responsible for nerve functions.

3.Weight Loss

Fats cashew nuts is about 75% monounsaturated fat, and rich in fiber which is responsible for weight loss.

4.Cancer prevention

Rich in copper substance that prevents cancer. Fights free radicals too

5.Revitalizes Hair and Skin

Cashew nuts contents helps the body utilize iron better, though eliminates free radicals, and deliver melanin to the skin and hair.


An ounce a week of cashew nuts reduces risks of gallstones in women by 25%. Gallstones are caused by cholesterol while cashew nuts reduces level.

7.Sharp Brains

Cashew boosts oxygen to the brain which help cell division in the brain.

8.Antioxidants and Aid Digestion

High in copper which is antioxidant. Cashew nuts are great for growth and developments as well.

With all these numerous health benefits, cashew nuts are considered as super nuts.

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