cashew nuts health benefits

About Raw Cashews

Raw cashews is native of northeastern Brazil, which was introduced to Africa by Portuguese as a tool to control erosion. Today is a source of wealth to thousands of farmers’ world over especially in tropic Africa where farming is a major profession. Its taste is superb with high dietary values as a tool to lower risk of type 2 diabetes is a fast getting popular by the day.

Ghana: Cashew Nuts Haven

Though native of Brazil, raw cashews as found a safe haven in Ghana. A West African country noted for farming. In Ghana, cashew is harvested before the rain, at a time when there is no other crop being harvested, so money made from cashew sales can allow you to prepare for the next rainy season.

Most of cashew nuts harvested in Ghana are not processed locally, with local consumption not more than 20% of total production, export takes the remaining balance.

Cashew nuts in Ghana find its way to European markets, notable Germany, Italy, united Kingdom, France and Holland.

Cashew Nuts Health benefits

Kidney shaped cashew nuts have low glycemic index (GI). Glycemic index (GI) is a number associated with a particular type of food, which indicates the food’s effect on people’s blood glucose or blood sugar level.

Cashew nuts provokes low glycemic response which means sugar are slowly absorb into the blood stream though risk dangers associated with Type 2 diabetes. It has been established that consumption of cashew nuts can improve diabetes control without weight gain.

Endowed with vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and phytochemicals that are useful to health. Cashew can reduce rise in blood glucose after the meal due to its low glycemic index, it has healthy fat, fiber, and blessed with plant sterol, all these at no weight gain, which is one of numerous problems faced by persons with type 2 diabetes.

Cashew nuts also reduce LDL- cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in type 2 diabetes patients but rich in HDL- cholesterol (good cholesterol), though reducing the tendency of heart attacks.

Cashew Nuts: Natures Gift to Us

Cashew nuts are good replacements for carbohydrate foods that as low glycemic index, which aids blood glucose control, blood cholesterol and lipids control.

Nutritious and taste, Cashew nuts health benefits are numerous, and priceless to risks imposed by type 2 diabetes.

Adding Cashews to diet can maintain sugar levels.

Cashew Nuts daily can drastically improve Type 2 Diabetes