In addition to producing some of the world’s finest cocoa beans, Gyarko Farms has expanded into cashew nut production. Leveraging our existing agricultural expertise and management team, and considering Ghana’s cashew-friendly climate and soil, we have planted a huge cashew plantation. Agriculturally speaking, the production of cocoa beans and cashew nuts is quite similar, making adding cashew nuts production to Gyarko Farms a natural fit.

Cashews are commonly referred to as nuts; however, they are technically seeds that grow externally at the end of the cashew “apple.” The kernel within the seed is the edible cashew “nut” that most people are familiar with.

cashew nuts

The shell of the cashew itself is removed during processing, and the kernel later

Gyarko Farms produces best Cashew Nuts which are commonly used for:

  •  Snacks
  •  Cooking, especially in Indian and Asian cuisines
  •  Cashew milk
  •  Cashew oil

Getting best cashew nuts to market involves multiple steps.

According to African Cashew Initiative (ACI), the African value chain for cashew is as follows:

  •  Cashew nut production
  •  Picking
  •  Drying and storage
  •  Processing
  •  Roasting
  •  Shipping
  •  Marketing

Gyarko Farms’ role in the value chain centers on cashew nuts production, picking, drying and storage, and export. Gyarko Farms the cashew nut producer has the infrastructure, acreage, management team, skilled labor, international contacts, and export expertise in place to serve the international market for cashews.

Not only do we cultivate our own cashew, we buy raw cashews from local farms for export. Upon harvest and drying, our raw cashews along with those purchased from our neighbors are exported and processed.

Best cashew nuts are rich in minerals especially, copper, manganese, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium which are in high concentration in cashew nuts.

Cashew farms in Africa employ best farm best practices, adhering to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is the secret behind cashew farms on the African continent.

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