Cocoa beans are the dried and fully fermented fatty-seeds found in Theobroma cacao plant. They contain over 300 healthful compounds which includes: theobromine, phenylethylamine as well as several polyphenols to mention but few. They contain several useful and important nutrients essential for the body e.g. calcium and magnesium that helps in proper functioning of the body organs. They also contain vitamins, minerals, potassium and copper that helps in the proper functioning of the heart and iron that helps in the transportation and circulation of oxygen through the body system.

Major health benefits of Cocoa beans

There are more than enough health benefits of cocoa beans. Few of them are discoursed below:

  1. Cardiovascular health: Cocoa beans are very rich in magnesium which is an essential nutrient that helps the heart to function properly. It strengthen the heart to ensure regular and effective pumping of blood to the body system. It as well helps in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. Magnesium is said to be highly helpful in dealing with migraine, asthma and headaches.
  2. Antioxidant: Cocoa beans contain up to 10% antioxidant concentration and this helps to protect the body cells from damage, causing premature aging and disease. as well reduce the risk of cancer. The presence of the antioxidants also helps in the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body system.
  3. Energy gain: Cocoa beans are said to be very good in the provision of energy to the body because of the essential nutrients they contain. They reduce anxiety and promote alertness.
  4. Mental health: they contain phenylethylamine and serotonin as well as dopamine which promote good mental health and moods. They also helps to reduce depression and promote well-being.
  5. Weight loss: among the important well known health benefits of cocoa beans is weight loss since it has been discovered that cocoa beans contain polyphenols which improve sensitivity to insulin that might help in weight reduction and regulation. You may also consume cashew in order to lose weight.
  6. Healthy skin and Good visual: Cocoa beans are also a great anti-inflammatory capable of protecting the skin from ultra-violet (UV) sunshine exposure. Research have also shown that consumption of cocoa beans improve visual sensitivity.

Other advantages of cocoa beans includes:

  • Reduction of blood clothing
  • Purification of liver
  • Proper pancreas functioning
  • Builds strong bones

All these are few health benefits of cocoa beans that makes them essential and beneficial to the body system. Always buy from the well-reputed cocoa beans producer in Ghana.