Cashew vs Almond

These days’ health conscious people are mad about nuts. The study shows that nut is a genuine healthy food. Both cashews and almonds are choices for day to day nut eating. The skin of almond is rich in antioxidant such as phenols, flavonoids and phenolic acids.

Eating raw cashews may be harmful since its shell contains urushiol which is toxic when ingested and can also cause skin rashes. In cases of heart health, diabetes and high cholesterol, cashews and almonds are good.

Differences between cashews and almonds:-

1. Fat

According to fat saturation, almonds have higher percentage of unsaturated fat content. Cashews have approximately three times saturated fat in comparison to almonds. High unsaturated fat can minimize bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol in your bloodstream. For this reason, you should eat almonds frequently than cashews.

2. Calcium

Calcium found in almonds is six times more than cashews. Almonds provide eight percent of your recommended dietary allowance.

3. Vitamins E and K

One of the best sources of the vital antioxidant vitamin E is almonds. One ounce serving of almonds will give you 45 percent of your recommended dietary allowance of vitamin E whereas; cashews will only give you 2 percent of the RDA. When it comes to vitamin K, cashews take the lead. Almonds have no vitamin K. Both cashew and almond provide small amounts of niacin, vitamin B6 and folate.

4. Zinc

Cashews contain twice the amount of zinc in almonds. In one ounce serving, cashew nuts have 1.6mg.

5. Copper and Iron

When it comes to copper cashew has a nutritional benefit as compared to almond. Copper is good for your nervous system as it produces neurotransmitters which are used for nerve communication. Cashew gives 622 mg of copper per ounce whereas almond contributes 282 micrograms. Iron like copper helps your cells produce energy. It also has a role of transportation and storage of oxygen. Cashew contains more iron than almonds.

6. Fiber

Almond has more fiber content per serving than cashew i.e almond contains 3.5g per ounce whereas cashew contains 0.9g in the same serving. Fiber helps in weight loss, regulating your blood sugar levels, minimizing cholesterol and fighting constipation.


As we have seen cashews and almonds both are nutritious, what you need for your health will require a better choice as they differ somewhat in nutrient content.

Take the advantage. Eat Cashews, Be Healthy.

Cashews can appear to be one of the best diet supplement.